Re: Debugging g_main_context_poll

On Sat, 2004-09-04 at 16:07, Kent Sandvik wrote:
> Hi, are there any good techniques to debug apps that seem to get stuck
> in the g_main_context_poll, i.e. find out what poll_func() is hanging?
> I know of the G_MAIN_POLL_DEBUG flag in glib/gmain.c, but I don't get
> enough info about the poll_func() that is causing the problem.
> This  is in the context of trying to debug the GDK/DirectFB layer
> using sylpheed-gtk-2.0, and the send_progress dialog box ends up in
> the g_main_context_poll. i.e. sits in poll()...

You do know that sitting in poll() is how GTK+ programs generally
spend 99% of their time? It's the way that GTK+ wait for new events,
etc. So, "stuck in poll()" just means that the application is waiting
for something that hasn't occurred yet.


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