Re: GIOChannels, GNet, GOIO

Jody Goldberg writes:
 > Throw libgsf into the mix if you're going to start considering
 > merges.

What about the linc2 library (used by ORBit2, for instance)? Could you
check whether it also should be thrown into the mix? It (as far as I
can recall) partly duplicates the functionality of GNet.

linc2 uses GIOChannels and GPollFDs in ways which doesn't work with
the Windows implementaion of GIOChannels. (See bug #120299 for the
complexities involved.) This new library you are planning, would it be
designed to work on Windows also from scratch? (If not, I am not
blaming you, I really am a Unix guy, too, even if have this morbid
hobby of tinkering with the Win32 port of GLib and GTK+)


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