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From the source of GNOME-TEST-TOOL 
(http://anoncvs.gnome.gr.jp/viewcvs.cgi/gnome-test-tool/src/), I found 
that it uses the source of Gerd (http://www.gtk.org/~timj/gerd/) at 
many places.  
I tried using Gerd with applications that use Gtk+ 2.x and found 
problems. I downloaded the source of Gerd, and tried to build against 
the Gtk+ version 2.2.4, and found a lot of compilation problems. After 
fixing the compilation problems, I'm experiencing some runtime problems 
as well. 
Does GNOME-TEST-TOOL work smoothly with applications that use GTK+-2.x?  
Why did GNOME-TEST-TOOL developers write it? Since it seems to use 
Gerd's source, did they also experience problems using Gerd to do 
event-recording and playback with applications that use Gtk+-2.x? 
I would be really grateful for any help in this regard! 
his message and any attachments. 

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