Enforcing response codes in GtkFileChooserDialog


GtkFileChooserDialog expects that it will have an "accept"-type button
with one of these response codes:


However, there are no checks to ensure that such a button actually
exists.  With the current state of
what happens if a file chooser dialog doesn't have a button with one
of those response codes is this:

1. You open a file chooser dialog for opening files.

2. Click on a folder in the file list, or select it using the

3. Press Enter.  This will terminate the dialog, rather than making it
   visit the folder you chose.

This is bug #138263 in Epiphany, for which I wrote a simple patch.

I'm thinking that response_cb() should enforce having such a button.
What do people think of having something like this in it:

  if (!has_one_of_those_buttons (dialog))
    g_warning ("GtkFileChooserDialog expects to have at least one "
               "button with a response code of GTK_RESPONSE_ACCEPT, "
               "GTK_RESPONSE_OK, GTK_RESPONSE_YES, or "
               "GTK_RESPONSE_APPLY.  Please use one of these response "
               "codes rather than a custom one.");

I updated the reference docs to note this quirk.


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