2.4 release notes changes

OK, updating the release notes for GLib and GTK+

For GLib, what I have is three new items:

* GObject now enforces CONSTRUCT_ONLY properties; due to an oversight
  in previous versions, it was possible to set CONSTRUCT_ONLY properties
  after construct time.
* The child watch functionality tends to reveal a bug in many
  thread implementations (in particular the older LinuxThreads implementation
  on Linux) where it's not possible to call waitpid() for a child
  created in a different thread. For this reason, for maximum portability,
  you should structure your code to fork all child processes that you want
  to wait for from the main thread.
* A problem was recently with g_signal_connect_object(); it doesn't
  actually disconnect the signal once the object being connected to
  dies, just disables it. See the API docs for the function for further
  details and the correct workaround that will continue to work with
  future versions of GLib.

For GTK+, I only have minor changes from the 2.2 release notes mostly
related to the removal of Xft. I've also added a note about C-l
in the filechooser. I'll provide the complete set of
notes below so people can look for things that need to be added

* The new GtkFileChooser widget emphasizes simplicity and thus does
  not provide a navigation entry by default when opening files.
  Experienced command line users will likely want to make heavy
  use of the location dialog brought up by the Control-L key

* As compared to GTK+-1.2, the default configuration of GTK+-2 has been 
  stream-lined to reduce confusion on the part of new users or users 
  coming from other environments.  Users used to older versions of 
  GTK+ may want to make some adjustments to the default configuration.

   - Emacs keybindings such as Control-A and Control-E to move to the
     ends of lines are not enabled by default in the editing widgets. To
     turn on Emacs keybindings, add the line:

      gtk-key-theme-name = "Emacs"
     To your ~/.gtkrc-2.0

   - Editing of menu accelerators by pressing an accelerator over the
     menu item is disabled by default. To enable, it, add:

      gtk-can-change-accels = 1

     to your ~/.gtkrc-2.0

   - To improve useability for keyboard operation, GTK+ now selects the
     contents of an entry when tabbing into it or when it is focused on
     initial window map. To disable this behavior, add:

      gtk-entry-select-on-focus = 0
     to your ~/.gtkrc-2.0

* The GTK+ libraries use an '_' prefix to indicate private symbols that
  must not be used by applications. On some platforms, symbols beginning 
  with prefixes such as _gtk, _gdk, and _pango will be exported
  from the library, on others not. In no case can applications
  use these private symbols.

* GTK+-2.4 now requires version 2 of Xft; old fashioned core X
  fonts are no longer supported.

* There is a bug in the Xft library in XFree86-4.1 and possibly previous
  versions that causes random crashes when using the Pango Xft
  backend. If you want to use Xft fonts, you should upgrade to
  at least XFree86-4.2.

* The gdk_pixbuf_xlib library included in the contrib/ directory of GTK+
  is provided on a as-is basis and has not been tested at all. No
  guarantees about the degree of workingness or about future
  compatibility are provided.

* While efforts have been made to make gdk-pixbuf robust against
  invalid images, using gdk-pixbuf to load untrusted data 
  is not recommended, due to the likelyhood that there are
  additional problems where an invalid image could cause
  gdk-pixbuf to crash or worse.

* The assumption of GLib and GTK+ by default is that filenames on the
  filesystem are encoded in UTF-8 rather than the encoding of the locale;
  The GTK+ developers consider that having filenames whose interpretation
  depends on the current locale is fundamentally a bad idea.

  If you have filenames encoded in the encoding of your locale, then
  you may want to set the G_FILENAME_ENCODING environment variable:

  (Earlier versions of GLib-2.x required a different environment variable
  setting; G_BROKEN_FILENAMES=1 to achieve the same effect; this 
  is still supported, but G_FILENAME_ENCODING is preferred.)
  Best integration of GTK+-2.4 with the environment is achieved by 
  using a UTF-8 locale.

Review would be appreciated.


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