filechooser crasch when trying to browse File System

Hi, incl. bugzilla is not reachable so I post this here for now:

I use gnome-2.6-beta1 on two machines. On both I get this rather
critical error:

In the new file chooser I am unable to go to any location outside of my
home directory. Why? Because I cannot use the "File System" entry on the
left. When I do so the file chooser crashes and so does the whole
application, i.e. epiphany or gedit.

I also tried to cheat and use the CTRL-L location entry, but when I
enter any path outside my home the file chooser crashes too.

I can use the "Home" or "Desktop" Locations without crash.

Is this a known bug?
Is this fixed in the Release Candidate?

I'll enter a bug in bugzilla once it is available again.


Jens Ansorg <liste ja-web de>

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