Re: FileChooser's path bar and re-rooting

On Tue, 2004-03-16 at 00:25, Ryan McDougall wrote:
> For the first kind of user I am a little concerned with the
> discoverability of the Ctrl-l text entry. Some people familiar with
> other platforms (windows specifically) will expect to see a text entry,
> and not expect that they need a key combination to reach it.

OS X handles this fairly cleverly (go figure). The key binding to bring
up the "jump to location" dialog is "/", and the dialog starts out with
a "/" in it. Meaning that if you aren't paying attention, don't notice
that there is no path entry, and just start typing a path anyway, it
does exactly what you want. (In fact, that's how I discovered it.) This
doesn't really solve the discoverability issue, especially for new
users, but it's a very nice hack anyway.

-- Dan

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