Re: Win32 problem with accels and layouts.

On Fri, 2004-03-05 at 01:32, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
> > I have problems with mnemonics and accels when I switch win keyboard
> > layout. Version of gtk is from
> You should be aware that "" a version number the people
> distributing that packaging of GTK+ have come up with. People here
> (including me) don't know what what it refers to. Is it vanilla GTK+
> 2.2.4 with just some packaging improvements? Is it 2.2.4 plus source
> code changes from CVS up to some date, and in that case, what date? Is
> it either of the above with some local source code changes applied by
> the people distributing it?
> > How to reproduce problems: run gtk-demo, start Application example
> > (first= ). Try Alt+F, all works, close application, switch layout,
> > start it again. Nothing happend when you press Alt+F again.
> But there isn't any "F" key on a Russian keyboard... How can a Russian
> user, in general, be assumed to know what physical key would happen to
> be labelled with some Latin letter if her keyboard was a Latin one? It
> might even be that the letter in question is on different physical
> keys on different Latin keyboard,.  Compare for instance French,
> German and Finnish keyboards, the placements of some characters (not
> "F", though) varies wildly.

GTK+ does fuzzy-group matching for accelerators/mnemonics; 
if you have a ф/a key, as is common for Russian keyboards, if you 
have only a 'ф' or 'a' as a mnemonic, then that Alt-ф/a will activate
the mnemonic in either group.

This is implemented in gtk/gtkkeyhash.c.

If it isn't working for Windows, this probably means that work needs
to be put into the backend function 
gdk_keymap_translate_keyboard_state() and/or


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