Re: Win32 problem with accels and layouts.

> I have problems with mnemonics and accels when I switch win keyboard
> layout. Version of gtk is from

You should be aware that "" a version number the people
distributing that packaging of GTK+ have come up with. People here
(including me) don't know what what it refers to. Is it vanilla GTK+
2.2.4 with just some packaging improvements? Is it 2.2.4 plus source
code changes from CVS up to some date, and in that case, what date? Is
it either of the above with some local source code changes applied by
the people distributing it?

> How to reproduce problems: run gtk-demo, start Application example
> (first= ). Try Alt+F, all works, close application, switch layout,
> start it again. Nothing happend when you press Alt+F again.

But there isn't any "F" key on a Russian keyboard... How can a Russian
user, in general, be assumed to know what physical key would happen to
be labelled with some Latin letter if her keyboard was a Latin one? It
might even be that the letter in question is on different physical
keys on different Latin keyboard,.  Compare for instance French,
German and Finnish keyboards, the placements of some characters (not
"F", though) varies wildly.

(See )

What if the user's physical keyboard for instance is German, but the
keyboard layout has been switched to Russian, and the user runs an
English-language application that provides an Alt+Y
accelerator. Should the user expect this to correspond to the key that
would be labelled "Y" if the keyboard was English, or the key actually
physically labelled "Y"? (They are not the same!) How can GTK+ know
which alternative the user would find more logical? GTK+ doesn't even
know what the physical keyboard is, it uses only the keyboard layout
that Windows (or the application) has been set to use.

Have you checked what the behaviour on the "reference platform"
(i.e. Linux and some fresh XFree86) is?

Isn't the real solution to provide a Russian localization for an
application, with accelerators (or are they shortcuts, I never
remember which is which?) that use Russian characters?

I tested with the GTK color selector, which is localized to Russian,
including shortcuts (accelerators?). If I run testgtk with LANG=ru and
a Russian keyboard layout, opening up the color selector, and typing
Alt+(whatever the key is called that looks like a "T", that is located
where an English keyboard has "N"), the corresponding button (which
has that Russian character underlined) highlights and the dialog

Anyway, if you after reading the above still think there is a bug,
please file a bug report on


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