Re: GTK+ and license

On Tue, 2004-03-02 at 02:19, Roger Alain wrote:
> Hi,
> Our company needs to develop an application under linux in C++.
> however, has our project will be paid by our customer we are looking for some
> X-window librairies which are free of charge.
> I know that your competitors KDE team use Qt. And in case of commercial development and use of KDE we must buy a Qt license.
> I would like to know if GTK+ is fully free of charge even if for commercial use ?
> We will just use your librairies without any modification.
> So if it's possible, i would like to know the procedure. Should we place something 
> in our application telling that we use GTK+ or something else ?

Please see the file COPYING in the GTK+ distribution for full details,
and ask a lawyer if you have any questions.

But put very simply:

 - If you distribute binaries of GTK+ with your application, you must
   distribute the source to GTK+ (including any modifications you make
   to GTK+), or make that source available on request.
 - Your users must be able to modify the GTK+ sources, recompile,
   and use that modified version with your application.

If you are simply using the version of GTK+ that comes with the
operating system via dynamic linking, then there are basically no
restrictions placed on your application. (The license on GTK+ is
the same as the license of the GNU/Linux C library.)

There are no fees for using GTK+ in any case.

BTW, this question would probably better be sent to gtk-list rather than
gtk-devel-list, which is about new development on GTK+ itself.


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