Re: Getting the icons used by GtkFileChooser


Evan Martin <martine danga com> writes:

> On Tue, Mar 02, 2004 at 06:58:04PM +0100, Michael Natterer wrote:
> > IMHO the app should be able to use exactly the same icons as the file
> > system backend does (for GUI consistency), so I see 3 ways of doing
> > this:
> I may be misunderstanding, but why would an app want to generate a
> preview using the same icon as the file chooser?  It would seem the only
> point of using a preview is if the app has some special way to view the
> file; showing a zoomed-in icon (like your screenshot) doesn't seem like
> like a useful "preview".

Of course the app should display a preview if it can. The question is
what should the preview frame show when a folder is selected or a
device node or simply a file that it cannot generate a preview for?
IMO it would be nice to be able to use the icons provided by the file
system backend. Perhaps not as large as Mitch's mockup shows it, but
still, there should be some way to get the icon.


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