Re: heads up

On 1 Mar 2004, Jonathan Blandford wrote:

> Tim Janik <timj gtk org> writes:
> > there was no discussion so far. i raised the idea to owen on irc about
> > an hour ago and sent this email to spawn a discussion if necessary.
> >
> > can you elaborate on what kind of problems you expect with build
> > scripts exactly, other than just "doesn't play nicely"?
> jhbuild (and I) expects that arguments passed to are
> forwarded to configure.

fine, so what's the issue here?

>  Why does this argument suddenly require setting
> via an environment variable.

it doesn't. you can of course still pass it on the command line. used to automatically add --enable-gtk-doc to
the configure command line, to override the "no" default in
i removed that argument, which is why i recommended exporting
AUTOGEN_CONFIGURE_ARGS=--enable-gtk-doc for _automatic_ doc builds.

>  Perhaps I don't understand the change you
> made here.

seems so. i'm just wondering, is there any actual breakage now
you can point out?

> Thanks,
> -Jonathan


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