Re: New file chooser (latest version)

muppet <scott asofyet org> writes:

> If any details i complain about are merely things that are planned but
> not yet complete, please accept my apologies.  I am sincerely trying
> to help.

A lot of these are planned changes.  I'm really hoping we can get most
of them done for 2.4.0.

> Bookmarks Sidebar:
> - The default size is far too big.  It's half of the dialog, and it's
> almost completely blank space.  The file/folder list should be the
> primary feature of this dialog, and the sidebar should size itself to
> what's inside.

Actually, I think this will be a pretty big part of the dialog.  The
expectation would be that people will use it to pick their location a
lot of the time.

> - It cannot be shrunk beyond the width of the "add" and "remove"
> buttons.  In the face of that, a way to hide the thing completely,
> e.g. by double-clicking on the resize grip as in mozilla, would be
> very helpful.

Planned.  I haven't gotten to it yet.

> Select Folder Mode:
> When you select things, the list jumps around, so that the
> currently-selected row is always fifth (at least, that's what it looks
> like).  It's very distracting and annoying.  If it *must* move like
> that, how about an animation, so you can see that it's moving, where
> it's going and where it came from, instead of just a wrinkle in space
> and time?

Folder Mode is going to look a lot like the current file mode.

> Create Folder Mode:
> The window should be small when the full filechooser is collapsed, but
> it is not.  I think this is just an implementation bug.

Implementation bug.  I have a partial fix committed.

> Path Bar:
> The current directory is always at the end, even when you go
> backwards. If i recall the original proposal correctly, the child
> directories should stick around until you change to a directory that's
> not currently in the PathBar.  Use case:  i want to jump back up two
> levels really quick to make sure i'm getting the file in the right
> subdir, so i click on the parent in the PathBar.  Now i have to
> navigate back to the child, whereas if the PathBar kept its full path,
> i'd be able just to click on the one at the end again.

We're not going to get this working for 2.4.0 unless someone
miraculously provides a patch.  Would be nice (TM).


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