Re: File name encoding and GTK ABI compatibility on Win32

Mike Hearn writes:
 > Why could there not be a global flag set instead of using variable
 > renames? ie before running gtk_init() call gtk_win32_set_utf8_names
 > (TRUE);

But whether to present/require file names in UTF-8 or like before in
the system codepage isn't a global switch that would be valid for all
users (the main .exe and the DLLs) of GTK and GLib in an application
at runtime.

Consider what would happen if the application had been edited for 2.6,
and recompiled, and sets this global flag. But then, in addition to
GTK and GLib directly, the application also uses some library that
uses GLib and/or GTK, and that hasn't been rebuilt for 2.6. Then that
library, too, would get file names from GLib and GTK in UTF-8 without
being prepared for that.


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