Re: gtk+ idea

On Sun, 2003-09-28 at 05:15, Dr Hammer wrote: 
> - A function for create a window that request user confirmation
>   when it is closed ("Are you sure" yes,no)
>   gtk_window_add_close_confirm(GtkWindow * window);

Problem here is that you need more than this to get proper UI:

 - you should only ask if there are unsaved changes, rather than 
   anytime window closes
 - the question should be more specific, like:
    Document 'Whatever' has unsaved changes. [Cancel] [Discard] [Save]
   (GNOME HIG has a specific suggestion for wording probably)
> - Some util function for manage GtkEntry:
>    - gtk_entry_set_data_type(GtkEntry * entry, GtkDataType tp);
>  enum GtkDataType 
>  { 
>          GTK_DATA_TYPE_NUMERIC,  /* allows only 0-9 */
>   GTK_DATA_TYPE_DECIMAL_NUMERIC, /* allows only 0-9,. */
>   GTK_DATA_UPPERCASE, /* allows only A-Z */
>          ... 
>   };

There's a bug open for this already (called something about "validation"
if you search for it). Just need someone to work on it. Would be a very
valuable feature.
> - A label with a window, for set back ground color, without using
>   marker. Something that sostiutite the:

My feeling is that this isn't a common enough operation. I can't think
of a single example of this in all of GNOME for example.

It may be more common in in-house apps that tend to hardcode
colors/sizes which would violate i18n/a11y guidelines for
general-purpose public apps.
> - Some function for show a dialog immediatly:

There were some of these in libgnomeui, basically deprecated now. They
turned out to be somewhat too hardcoded/inflexible so often went unused.
GtkMessageDialog is the outcome of the most recent API discussion in
this area.


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