Re: The new ComboBox hit CVS HEAD.

On Sat, 2003-09-27 at 02:57, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> Will you also deprecate GtkOptionMenu and replace the option menu in
> gtk-demo by a combo box ?


> > - Right now, in the menu/unix style, the menu pops up below the
> > "button". Do we prefer this, or do we want "popup with the last selected
> > item below the cursor" (like the current optionmenu does)? UI people
> > might consider this a rhetoric question.
> > 
> What I find more annoying than this is that there seems to be no way to
> bring the menu up without holding the button down. It always disappears
> on the first button release event, in contrast to the option menu
> behaviour.

Oh, this used to work. It probably broke at some point then. Will fix.

> > - The combo/ and combo-old/ directories will probably be soon removed
> > from libegg.
> It may not be very important for the combo box (which is probably not
> used anywhere outside libegg), but in general I think that the
> prototypes should not be removed from the staging library until they
> have appeared in a stable release of the target library, ie the EggMenu
> and EggToolbar stuff should not be removed bofore GTK+ 2.4 is out. Even
> then it might be nicer to leave them in libegg for some time with a
> replaced-by-gtk-2.4 note, for the benefit of those who want to support
> GTK+ 2.0/2.2.

Note that what's in libegg is not exactly the same as went in GTK+. The
code in libegg will also be no longer maintained. Also, the combo box
depends on a GtkTreeModel fix which is only in GTK+ HEAD, otherwise you
need a evil workaround to make things work.


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