Re: The new ComboBox hit CVS HEAD.

Am Sa, 2003-09-27 um 00.06 schrieb Kristian Rietveld:
> - I promise I will write documentation for all of my new code soon, this
> includes the filter model, completion code and the combo box. I will
> also get back to treeview now.

Will you also deprecate GtkOptionMenu and replace the option menu in
gtk-demo by a combo box ?

> - Right now, in the menu/unix style, the menu pops up below the
> "button". Do we prefer this, or do we want "popup with the last selected
> item below the cursor" (like the current optionmenu does)? UI people
> might consider this a rhetoric question.

What I find more annoying than this is that there seems to be no way to
bring the menu up without holding the button down. It always disappears
on the first button release event, in contrast to the option menu

> - The combo/ and combo-old/ directories will probably be soon removed
> from libegg.

It may not be very important for the combo box (which is probably not
used anywhere outside libegg), but in general I think that the
prototypes should not be removed from the staging library until they
have appeared in a stable release of the target library, ie the EggMenu
and EggToolbar stuff should not be removed bofore GTK+ 2.4 is out. Even
then it might be nicer to leave them in libegg for some time with a
replaced-by-gtk-2.4 note, for the benefit of those who want to support
GTK+ 2.0/2.2.


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