egg-menu-merge.c vs gtkuimanager.c

I'm in the midst of porting gnucash from gtk1/gnome1 to the gtk2
libraries set.  We're currently targeting the gtk2.2 platform for the
port, but we're also using a couple of things from libegg, including the
actions and  menu-merge code.  I noticed that Matthias recently
committed this to the gtk sources as gtkuimanager.c with a completely
different menu description language.  I'm trying to decide whether to to
continue working with the libegg versions of this code and miss out on
the bug fixes in the gtk versions, or whether to rip the libegg code
from gnucash and put in the gtk2.4 versions of these modules.  Does
anyone have an idea of how hard it would be to compile these files
separate from the main gtk sources?  As I see it:


1) using the "current" code for uimanager (aka menumerge) and actions.

2) menu descriptions don't have to be rewritten/converted when gnucash
moves to a gtk2.4 base from a gtk2.2 base

3) code doesn't have to be rewritten from egg-xxx to gtk-xxx  when
gnucash moves to a gtk2.4 base from a gtk2.2 base

4) don't have to produce two sets of bug fixes to send upstream (are the
egg versions considered end-of-life at this point?)


1) Don't know if code can be extracted from gtk2.4 and compiled on 2.2

2) Confusion whether a gtk_xxx call in gnucash goes to a local gnucash
library or to the real gtk libraries in /usr/lib.

Comments?  Suggestions?  Ideas?


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