Re: egg-menu-merge.c vs gtkuimanager.c

> I'm in the midst of porting gnucash from gtk1/gnome1 to the gtk2
> libraries set.  We're currently targeting the gtk2.2 platform for the
> port, but we're also using a couple of things from libegg, including the
> actions and  menu-merge code.  I noticed that Matthias recently
> committed this to the gtk sources as gtkuimanager.c with a completely
> different menu description language.  I'm trying to decide whether to to

Not a  big deal, just a renaming of the elements/attributes. It might be a
idea to provide a little sed-script to do this to make the move easier for
the current users of EggMenu.

> continue working with the libegg versions of this code and miss out on
> the bug fixes in the gtk versions, or whether to rip the libegg code
> >from gnucash and put in the gtk2.4 versions of these modules.  Does
> anyone have an idea of how hard it would be to compile these files
> separate from the main gtk sources?  As I see it:

Should be easy. You need to include the actions, and you have to remove
the setting of draw_as_radio (since this was a 2.4 addition to

> 4) don't have to produce two sets of bug fixes to send upstream (are the
> egg versions considered end-of-life at this point?)

I think the official "staging library" policy is that the prototype will be
from the staging library (or at least be declared dead) once the feature
appears in 
a stable release of the platform library.

I have committed some of the simpler bug fixes discovered in GtkUIManager
to EggMenu, but not all.


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