Re: [Feature Request] Implement GTK_STATE_PRELIGHT for GtkNotebook and others (re: Theme Styles)

On Tue, 2003-09-02 at 15:17, Owen Taylor wrote:
> I think this is a reasonable idea - what's been before is
> prelight for menu bar menu items .. (Windows 95, 98, etc, 
> have mouse-over for menus.)
> It would have to be a style property since suddenly passing the
> PRELIGHT state to the code in existing themes to draw notebook
> tabs will not work.

Im not sure I understand. Is it your contention that implementing at the
GTK level will break previous theme engines? Or are you saying that
existing theme engines will not be able to handle the additional state?

It seems to me that nothing should break because existing code should
simply ignore states it doesnt understand. If there are problems
introducing new states, then 2.4 is a good time to introduce them,

> Unfortunately, I can't really give you much advice on implementation,
> it's basically just "implement it the same way as other mouse handling
> and style properties are implemented in other widgets"
> I'd guess it would take an experienced GTK+ hacker an hour or two
> to do, a inexperienced GTK+ hacker longer. How much longer is
> hard to estimate.

It would be a lot quicker for you to implement it, but I suppose your
plate is already quite full. :) If its up to me I cant promise it'll be
done any time soon, since school will be starting up again.

> Regards,
> 						Owen

ps.Thanks for the link to the Theme engine tutorial (exactly what I was
looking for!) and bug report. I was going to leave a comment, but I cant
login to today for some reason. It wont even email me
my password... I was going to log a bug regarding the GTK tutorial as

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