Re: [Feature Request] Implement GTK_STATE_PRELIGHT for GtkNotebook and others (re: Theme Styles)

On Sun, 2003-08-31 at 21:55, Ryan McDougall wrote:

> 	Im still learning GTK, et al. in my spare time, so please be patient
> with me if Ive totally missed something. ;)
> 	I am playing around with GTK themes, and I have some UI ideas that I
> would like to implement -- specifically visual feedback to the user
> based on "mouse-over" events. I can use the PRELIGHT state in RC files
> to accomplish what I want for buttons, menu items, panes, ...; but I
> would like to extend this behaviour to all click-able widgets
> (specifically GtkNotebook). I have no problem writing my own theme
> engine to accomplish this, but it is my understanding that the relevant
> widgets must be changes to recognize "mouse-over" events at the GTK
> level first.
> 	Please comment on this request. If implementation is trivial, point me
> where, and I will do it myself. If non-trivial I would need some
> direction first.

I think this is a reasonable idea - what's been before is
prelight for menu bar menu items .. (Windows 95, 98, etc, 
have mouse-over for menus.)

It would have to be a style property since suddenly passing the
PRELIGHT state to the code in existing themes to draw notebook
tabs will not work.

Unfortunately, I can't really give you much advice on implementation,
it's basically just "implement it the same way as other mouse handling
and style properties are implemented in other widgets"

I'd guess it would take an experienced GTK+ hacker an hour or two
to do, a inexperienced GTK+ hacker longer. How much longer is
hard to estimate.


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