Re: Patch for gdk/linux-fb/gdkmouse-fb.c to provide GDK_MOUSE_DEVICE

On Tue, Sep 02, 2003 at 05:35:50PM -0400, Owen Taylor wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-09-02 at 10:07, Marc Welz wrote:
> > Hi 
> > 
> > Attached is a tiny patch to allow users to set the mouse 
> > device file for the linux frame buffer. Useful if you
> > happen to have a USB mouse or if you want to chose between
> > /dev/input/{mice,mouse0,etc}
> > 
> > export GDK_MOUSE_TYPE=imps2
> > export GDK_MOUSE_DEVICE=/dev/input/mice
> Sounds reasonable; unfortunately, the linux-fb port is basically
> unmaintained these days. Eric Warmenhoven did some work on it
> last year, but I believe he has moved on to other things.

As soon as I got Freeciv working reasonably well with it, all
productivity ceased. That and real life got in the way.

> Why don't you put your patch in bugzilla, as described in the
> GTK+ README file? I can't promise a fast response, but we'll
> try to get it applied sometime soon.

There's another patch for Bug 120847 that should go in as well. I can
get to both of these soon, if someone else doesn't do them first.

> But be careful, if you submit a couple more patches, we might
> just give you CVS access and declare you the new linux-fb
> maintainer ;-)

I've got a TODO list for it if you're interested....

> > Patch is against gtk 2.2.3. I am unsure about style - I 
> > used char, but should I have used gchar ? 
> Yes, you need to use gchar. 
> Regards,
> 					Owen


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