Re: [Feature Request] Implement GTK_STATE_PRELIGHT for GtkNotebook and others (re: Theme Styles)

Ryan McDougall wrote:


	Im still learning GTK, et al. in my spare time, so please be patient
with me if Ive totally missed something. ;)

	I am playing around with GTK themes, and I have some UI ideas that I
would like to implement -- specifically visual feedback to the user
based on "mouse-over" events. I can use the PRELIGHT state in RC files
to accomplish what I want for buttons, menu items, panes, ...; but I
would like to extend this behaviour to all click-able widgets
(specifically GtkNotebook). I have no problem writing my own theme
engine to accomplish this, but it is my understanding that the relevant
widgets must be changes to recognize "mouse-over" events at the GTK
level first.

	Please comment on this request. If implementation is trivial, point me
where, and I will do it myself. If non-trivial I would need some
direction first.


Well, I personally like the idea, but I have no say in anything in GTK. WinXP has prelight on notebook tabs, so to make something look more like WinXP this change would be required. I think that everything you would need is in gtk+/gtk/gtknotebook.c. I would guess that it won't be completely trivial, but nothing worthwhile is :-). That said, the GTK code is generally very well written and so easy to understand.

Tim Evans
Applied Research Associates NZ

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