Re: 2.3.0 release

On Wed, 2003-10-22 at 21:57, Choe Hwanjin wrote:

> > If anyone wants to write up NEWS items for areas they worked
> > on in particular (GtkToolbar, GtkExpander, GtkEntryCompletion,
> > whatever), that will save me some time and probably result
> > in more accuracy. In general, the rule is that any change
> > that went into GTK+-2.2.x shouldn't be in the NEWS for
> > the unstable branch.
> How is going to add new input module for hangul, imhangul ?

Not for 2.3.0. I'll put looking at your current code back on
my short list of things to do after the release. Where is the 
current code? doesn't seem to exist any 


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