RE: Windows theme in main distribution?

> On Sat, Oct 04, 2003 at 01:53:04AM -0400, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> > Dom, I saw you were working on gtk-wimp, what do you think about:
> >
> I've also looked into this (I'm sure about two lines of the 
> code I wrote
> persist in the current incarnation of gtk-wimp :P), and today I was
> thinking about icons.
> Typically, real Windows apps don't have icons on buttons.
> You can almost disable the button icons with
>   gtk-icon-sizes = "gtk-button=1,1"
> in the gtk-wimp gtkrc, but there is still that last pixel of the icon
> left over.  I'd like to set it to 0,0 but the RC parser verifies both
> are greater than zero.  In any case, doing it this way is a hack.

I would like to see the toolbar improved in the WIMP theme.  

The toolbar looks like a frame (i.e. with GTK_SHADOW_ETCHED_IN set).  Toolbars on Windows 2k (one of the platforms I use) look raised and have a vertical bar at the start before the other buttons (used mostly to illustrate the ability to drag the toolbar).  Although that bar is not important, I would like to see either no border round the toolbar or the raised look that Windows uses.

This shadow can be changed in the gtkrc file, and I think the menu bar (at lease) looks better with the shadow set to none.  I tried the toolbar shadow to be none but it didn't seem to work - that too would IMO look better if set to none.

I know this is difficult because Windows has changed the look of things like toolbars and menus in each generation of their OS, so I don't know if this would have a knock on effect for look in other versions of Windows?  Is it possible to make the theme varied based on the OS 2k/XP/98/etc?


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