Re: glib giowin32 UDP sockets

Peter Zelezny writes:
 > I haven't looked deeply into it, but a few users with xchat on
 > Windows have reported that it creates two UDP sockets and that they
 > are accessable to the outside network (their words, not mine). From
 > a quick look at the code, it seems fine, but could we get some
 > clarification on this?

With "clarification", do you mean if glib on purpose creates such
sockets. Yes, indeed it does... That code was added by Andrew Lanoix.
As the sole purpose of that socket pair is inter-thread comminication,
it should be changed so that the sockets aren't visible outside the
machine. (Although, from a cursory look at the code, I don't think any
harm can be caused no matter what is sent to the sockets.)

 > Is "add-cancel-add" referring to
 > g_io_add_watch-g_source_remove-g_io_add_watch? I don't remember
 > that ever failing before.

I don't really know, or remember.


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