glib giowin32 UDP sockets


Regarding this change a few months ago:

Sat Jun  6 16:18:10 2003  Andrew Lanoix  <alanoix umich edu>
	* glib/giowin32.c: Resolved thread deadlocks in socket 
	ichannel code to support Add-Cancel-Add watch functionality 
	on windows. Also cleaned up socket error handling to not 
	segfault and do the right thing.

I havn't looked deeply into it, but a few users with xchat on Windows
have reported that it creates two UDP sockets and that they are
accessable to the outside network (their words, not mine). From a quick
look at the code, it seems fine, but could we get some clarification on this?

Is "add-cancel-add" referring to
g_io_add_watch-g_source_remove-g_io_add_watch? I don't remember that ever
failing before.


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