gtk+-2.3/2.4 backwards compatibility


I'm not a developer of gtk apps, just a user of x86 linux software that
builds on gtk. And a curious one ;)

I installed the gnome-2.5 development packages including gtk+-2.3. The
build went fine and so far all Gnome 2.4 aps seem to work fine.

But there is one other app I use in a Gnome/gtk environment: eclipse
( The provided binary stopped working right
after I upated gtk+ form 2.2 to 2.3 (after the updates of glib and pango
before eclipse did still work).

I tried to build eclipse from sources (works with gtk+-2.2) but there
were errors during compilation (javac to build the java classes).

Now, eclipse is a java app. But it builds on top of gtk for the user
interface on Linux.

I wonder wether the gtk developers are aware of this incompatibility?


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