Re: About dialog api

On Sat, 2003-05-10 at 01:53, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> I agree we should have a license statement in the std. about dialog.
> I'd hate to see the whole GPL as an inline string though. So just
> "This application is free software see COPYING" is probably what's
> wanted.
> Either that or some automated way to get COPYING into the about dialog
> without having a giant string in your source...

The current proposal has "copyright" and "license" properties.
"copyright" should be a short string and is displayed in the main
dialog, while "license" can be a long string which is displayed in a
separate dialog. You can use g_file_get_contents() to avoid having the
whole GPL inline, but then you have to make sure that COPYING is
available at runtime.

I have attached two screenshots of the current proposal to The first one is the
minimal dialog which you get with gtk_show_about_dialog (parent, NULL),
the second one has all optional properties.


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