Re: x11 guidance (slightly off-topic)

> Well, useful for a subset of non-American people. (Dual group
> keyboards are used basically for non-Latin scripts that don't require
> an input method.... so Russian, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic...)
Yes, you are right. I hope the number of these languages is considerable
enough to take them into account, isn't it?:)

> But I seem to remember raising a question last time and I don't
> think there was a satisfactory answer ... if the keyboard group
> should be saved per-notebook page, shouldn't it be saved per
> toplevel window as well?
It is saved. If you are using gswitchit applet :) (which is in 5th toe
already and probably will make its way into the core gnome desktop). But
the applet cannot act on per-notepad page level, so I am asking for gtk
support. BTW, the applet can also save per-window indicators state. If
gtk would support per-page group (sure, optional and configurable), why
not add per-page indicators' state (again, optional and configurable).

Certainly, I have no slightest idea how to support all this in Windows:)


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