Re: [gimpwin-dev] Re: console window

Phroggie writes:
 > Maybe something along these lines would be nice:
 > g_log_set_handler(ALL_DOMAINS, G_LOG_LEVEL_ALL, log_handler, NULL).
 > These needn't apply only to Windows glib, either, as I'm sure
 > there's Unix applications looking for similiar log handling.

Post an enhancement request on bugzilla... Note that this is an API
change, and if accepted would be in GLib 2.4.0 at the earliest.

 > Maybe instead, one could simply #define NO_CONSOLE, and it would
 > nullify anything attempting to write to a console. 

Nah, doesn't seem right to use #defines at the application level to
mysteriously affect inner workings in GLib on one platform.

 > I'm sure that there's many ways to accomplish something similar to
 > this.

An environment variable? G_WIN32_NEVER_ALLOC_CONSOLE or something?
That could be implemented already in GLib 2.2.2. (Or are environment
variables like that just a nasty way to achieve API functionality
change without actual source code API changes, and should be frowned
upon? Owen?)

 > I agree with Allin, though. I think that a console window should
 > appear unless the application specificaly requests not to spawn a
 > console, whether it be through numerous g_log_set_handler calls or
 > some other means.


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