RE: [gimpwin-dev] Re: console window

Ahhh... I didnt realise Glib-GObject was a specific domain.  My mistake... I
must miss just those specific events.  The problem I had was with signal
connections still failing in a console window.  I have fixed it now so I
can't remember exactly what it was that caused it, but I think it was 

  gtk_signal_connect(GTK_OBJECT(invalid_object), ...)

this was probably why.

> g_log_set_handler ("GLib-GObject", G_LOG_LEVEL_MASK | G_LOG_FLAG_FATAL |
> G_LOG_FLAG_RECURSION, dummy_log_handler, NULL);



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> > I have been using log domains and catching Gtk and Glib
> > errors/warnings/etc... for some time now and it still 
> insists on opening a
> > console window.
> If so, that is a bug then in GLib. Please open a bug report on
> and include a minimal but complete test program...
> The intention is that a console window should open on Win32 in those
> cases where a message is about to be printed to stdout or stderr, and
> stdout or stderr aren't attached to a valid Win32 file handle. (This
> typically happens in windowing ("GUI") applications. Window .exe files
> can be marked as either "GUI" or "console". When you start a "GUI"
> application without explicit output redirection it has no valid stdout
> or stderr.)
> I dunno, maybe this is silly, after all GLib doesn't check on Unix
> that file descriptors 0 or 1 are valid before writing to them, and if
> a GTK+ application is started from some X11 window manager they might
> well go to the bit bucket... What do people think, should this code be
> removed from gmessages.c?
> I guess this boils down to, which is worse, irritating warning
> messages now and then in ugly white-on-black console windows (that
> some people insist calling "DOS boxes", brrrr), or losing potentially
> useful warning and error messages?
> --tml
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