Re: 2.0.x and 2.2.x

Hi there,

I updated my RH8.0 with Gtk2.2.0 and friends(Glib, Atk
and Pango), and also Gtkmm2.1.2 from the sources. 
Consequently, several Gnome programs (even the
terminal window) crashes when I restart. I have no
troubles in making and installing the packages. Any
idea about that? 


--- Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> wrote:
> Just a quick note to clarify our current
> maintainence policy:
>  Because 2.2.0 maintains source and binary
> compatiblity
>  with the 2.0.x series, we do not plan to continue 
>  maintainence of 2.0.x. 2.2.0 is the current stable 
>  release and replaces 2.0.10.
>  Practical effects of this:
>   - If you are developing with GTK+ or planning
> deployments
>     of GTK+, you should be testing with 2.2.0 to 
>     make sure that it works with your software.
>   - If you find any problems using 2.2.0 as a
> drop-in 
>     replacement for 2.0.x, report them so we can fix
> them 
>     as soon as possible.
> Regards,
>                                         Owen Taylor
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Have fun!

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