Proposal and patch to implement validation for entry widgets


I have a proposal to implement validation for entry widgets
such as GtkEntry, GtkSpinbutton and GtkCombo.

I have attached a description of the proposal, a patch which
is against gtk+-2.2.0 and a test program that demonstrates the
approach I have taken.

Here is a short summary :

The approach that I have taken is to allow the developer to install
a validation callback on a GtkEntry widget. When the focus enters
the GtkEntry widget, validation is marked as pending for that widget
if the developer has installed a callback.
When an event arrives that would have caused the focus to leave the
{button press or tab key}, the validation callback is called if there is
one installed. If the validation fails then the event is ignored so that
the focus does not leave the GtkEntry. If the validation passes then the
event is propagated in the normal way.



Attachment: EntryValidationProposal.tar.bz2
Description: application/bzip

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