Re: accessibility problem on Windows

Tor Lillqvist wrote:
Eric S. Johansson writes:
 > Therefore, I am trying to collect information about what kind of
 > Windows interfaces gtk+ uses so I can push back on scansoft.

Would it be rude to answer "use the source"...?

not terribly. But in the words of a game that consumed many hours, "you are in a maze of twisty passages all different". there is a tremendous amount of embedded knowledge that is not apparent without a significant amount of effort. so even if I could find the interfaces, the meaning would not be apparent at first.

GTK+ uses the low-level GDI API to draw its widgets and text. Functions
like LineTo(), Rectangle(), Pie(), ExtTextOutW().

> Assuming there are only a couple of interfaces that create text based > Windows such as those used in the gaim text entry box, what APIs are > used in Windows to create those effects?

Text is drawn (in Pango) using the ExtTextOutW() function, and usually
(I think) first to a bitmap, and that bitmap is then blitted onto
the screen.

I can see that being the model for text output but even for the editable text window where you type in your messages? Interesting.

 > I've been told they are also called edit controls?

I think "edit controls" is the name used for the Microsoft-supplied
"widgets". GTK obviously doesn't use those, as it is a widget set

About your problem, how to make GTK work with screen readers on
Windows, I am sorry, I don't know. I will have to read up on how they
work, and what should be done and where, in order for them to work
with GTK. There were a couple of messages on this subject earlier this
month on gtk-devel-list, with the subject "windows gaim screen
reader". Especially, check the message from Bill Haneman.

interesting but I'm not concerned about screen readers. My eyes work fine but my hands are shot hell courtesy too many years (18) programming. Which is why I was careful to point out I was using *speech recognition* and not a screen reader (i.e. text to speech).

I'm trying to gather enough information about different applications I use that worked with NaturallySpeaking 6 but have failed with NaturallySpeaking 7. They currently lay the blame on "nonstandard Windows". I want to show them the issue lies closer to home.

thank you for giving me enough information to get started at least asking the right questions.


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