accessibility problem on Windows

I use and am dependent on speech recognition (NaturallySpeaking) to do most operations with computers. With NaturallySpeaking version 6, the basic "correct last utterance" system worked within gtk+. On NaturallySpeaking 7, it doesn't. when I complained to NaturallySpeaking technical support, they said it was because the application for using "nonstandard Windows". Therefore, I am trying to collect information about what kind of Windows interfaces gtk+ uses so I can push back on scansoft. Unfortunately, I know squat about Windows APIs and so I'm asking for some expert guidance.

Assuming there are only a couple of interfaces that create text based Windows such as those used in the gaim text entry box, what APIs are used in Windows to create those effects? I've been told they are also called edit controls?

in any case, any information would be most welcome.


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