accessibility problem on Windows

Eric S. Johansson writes:
 > Therefore, I am trying to collect information about what kind of
 > Windows interfaces gtk+ uses so I can push back on scansoft.

Would it be rude to answer "use the source"...?

GTK+ uses the low-level GDI API to draw its widgets and text. Functions
like LineTo(), Rectangle(), Pie(), ExtTextOutW().

 > Assuming there are only a couple of interfaces that create text based 
 > Windows such as those used in the gaim text entry box, what APIs are 
 > used in Windows to create those effects?

Text is drawn (in Pango) using the ExtTextOutW() function, and usually
(I think) first to a bitmap, and that bitmap is then blitted onto
the screen.

 > I've been told they are also called edit controls?

I think "edit controls" is the name used for the Microsoft-supplied
"widgets". GTK obviously doesn't use those, as it is a widget set

About your problem, how to make GTK work with screen readers on
Windows, I am sorry, I don't know. I will have to read up on how they
work, and what should be done and where, in order for them to work
with GTK. There were a couple of messages on this subject earlier this
month on gtk-devel-list, with the subject "windows gaim screen
reader". Especially, check the message from Bill Haneman.


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