Re: tracking down win32 GDI object leaks in GTK

Tim Evans wrote:

Tor Lillqvist wrote:

Tim Evans writes:
Does anyone have any experience finding and fixing this sort of bug?
This is causing problems in a product that we are supposed to be
shipping soon, so I need to fix this.

( is
supposedly good at tracking resource leaks. Don't know of any Free

Actually, I just found one attached to this article:

I downloaded and compiled GdiUsage.exe with VC6 and it showed by that there are bitmaps leaking and which bitmaps they are (attached). I can't see that I will have much trouble finding the leak now.

I found the problem. It was in gdk/win32/gdk_pointer_grab where it wasn't calling DestroyCursor. I have added the patch to bugzilla.

Tim Evans
Applied Research Associates NZ

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