Re: Is Alpha Channel support in next release plan?

Christof Petig wrote:

Though it does not get discussed further - meaning low interest by the core developers? I hope not.

I believe there is a long thread on the XFree86 5.0 features. I read it but don't recall what was said about translucent windows. Keith Packard is certainly working (or worked) on it.

Hey this is about technological advances happening or not in gtk which are already present in Qt!

Qt does not have transparent windows. What it currently does is a hack that was already mentioned in this thread (screen-grab the background, composit). It artifacts in a very bad way if the windows behind the menu aren't completely static. There is a similar hack for alpha-composited dropshadows for menus in Gtk.

IMHO, this discussion doesn't really belong to Gtk development - X really must get the needed functionality. And the needed functinality is pretty nontrivial to do (check Keith Packard's homepage for his discussion on the issues involved. He also mentions his prototype server with translucency and protocol extension proposal).


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