Re: Is Alpha Channel support in next release plan?

Christof Petig wrote:

But it has to be in gdk, too. AFAIK it is not possible to make widgets partially translucent (e.g. entries within a container which has a background image). So even if X11 needs work to support translucent windows, gdk needs some work which will not hurt to have before the X11 feature is available.

I'd love to see partially translucent entries and translucent containers with tooltips (tooltip means xwindow, this seem to imply opacity).

I even offer time to help implementing (but not before Nov).

You -could- use non-X11 implementations of gdk as a testbed for this (directFB, MacOSX (is it available?) or *gasp* win32).

I think that a special OpenGL extension to X11 could be created that
would make this type of thing possible.

I dare to say that the timely availability of this feature will be an indicator of X11's ability to meet future demands and whether it stays the graphics infrastructure of choice for linux. [And similar applies to gtk.]

Not a problem, the OpenGL hack of X11 already is available. :) Check

Note that they only support a constant alpha channel throughout each window, but the author does seem interested in changing that by designing a suitable protocol extension. There is also an X nested server which supports translucent windows written in Java, can't recall the URL or the feature list at the moment. Either way, using a prototype X servers as a testbed for a true alpha gtk does seem like a quite feasible option.

Furthermore, translucent windows seem to be on the roadmap for the XFree86 5.0. See the 10th entry at


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