Re: Is Alpha Channel support in next release plan?

I am somewhat irritated by the absense of core developers in this thread.

Is translucency considered a core feature or a non interesting niche candy? Or was this discussed many times ago? (I'm new to _this_ list)

(I somewhat remember translucency mentioned on the roadmap for gtk 3.0)

Miroslav Silovic schrieb:
You -could- use non-X11 implementations of gdk as a testbed for this (directFB, MacOSX (is it available?) or *gasp* win32).

OT: hrmpf. If only I had the possibility. On my 2nd generation iBook MacOSX was not included, directFB couldn't handle the display and Win32 is not an option. sigh

Not a problem, the OpenGL hack of X11 already is available. :) Check

Thank you for these very interesting links!

Furthermore, translucent windows seem to be on the roadmap for the XFree86 5.0. See the 10th entry at

Though it does not get discussed further - meaning low interest by the core developers? I hope not.

Hey this is about technological advances happening or not in gtk which are already present in Qt!

PS: I have been very pleased with gtk's advances in the past (pixbuf integration, treeview). Excellent work!!! But transparency nags me (being used in my wife's low cost Windows-tax-program and unavailable for me).
PPS: I use gtkmm.

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