Re: gep announce mass subscription

Sven Neumann <sven gimp org> writes: 
> so what? It's the people's choice and I don't see what gives you or
> anyone else the right to decide who's on which list.

I'm not deciding. You can unsubscribe if you want. I'm just setting
the default to what most people will probably want (most = 1,318
people of 1,330 right this minute). I sent you an email with
instructions on changing the default. There has to be a default, so
someone has to get the default they didn't want, and that should be
the 12 people, not the 1,318.

> This is in no way
> different than putting people on spam lists or filling their inbox
> with infos they haven't asked for.

Except that we are all working on the same projects and know each
other and know how to use mailman to get off the list and nothing is
being sold and we all have an interest in maintaining good
communication... and so on.

Can't we all just get along? We've already spent way more time on this
than the 12 people x 30 seconds total inconvenience caused. ;-)


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