Re: gep announce mass subscription

Sven Neumann <sven gimp org> writes:  
> Wouldn't it have be sufficient to just ask for subscriptions on 
> gtk-dvel-list? I think it would, so please don't ever do this again.

In my experience (having tried that a couple times in the past), we
would end up with only about half or less of the people that should be
on the list actually responding to such a request.

You lose too many people and so people don't use the new list, or they
crosspost all over the place, or the right people aren't on
gep-announce and miss information and complain later about how they
forgot to subscribe.

So recently when reorganizing or subdividing lists we've just been 
moving the subscribers over to make things go smoothly.

With the mass subscribe, only 10 people of 1330 have unsubscribed so
far. If you don't want to be on the list it's not like it's hard to

We can put a big disclaimer on saying that mass
subscribes may happen from time to time as lists are reorganized if
you want.

> Apart from all this, I don't see why decision about the future of GTK+
> can't be handled on gtk-devel-list. Do I really need to join a GNOME
> mailing-list for this purpose ?

gep-announce only announces the start and end of discussions; the
actual discussion for any gtk issues would be on (and probably
crossposted to) gtk-devel-list.  gep-announce is moderated and any
followups/discussion posted to it will be rejected. But anyway, no you
probably don't need to be on gep-announce if you are strictly
interested in gtk only (don't also want to see things that are related
or that maybe _should_ be in gtk), and people are good about
crossposting to gtk-devel-list.


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