Re: gep announce mass subscription


> > Wouldn't it have be sufficient to just ask for subscriptions on 
> > gtk-dvel-list? I think it would, so please don't ever do this again.
> In my experience (having tried that a couple times in the past), we
> would end up with only about half or less of the people that should be
> on the list actually responding to such a request.
> So recently when reorganizing or subdividing lists we've just been 
> moving the subscribers over to make things go smoothly.
> With the mass subscribe, only 10 people of 1330 have unsubscribed so
> far. If you don't want to be on the list it's not like it's hard to
> unsubscribe.

Yep, but in the meantime the list floods your inbox with useless junk, because
your .forward does not yet know about the list. That is very bad.

Subscribing someone on the list without his permission is considered spam.

> We can put a big disclaimer on saying that mass
> subscribes may happen from time to time as lists are reorganized if
> you want.


You don't have permission to subscribe me anywhere without my knowledge.

If you think you have then I'll have to leave gtk-devel.
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