memory corruption with gtk_stock_add[_static]()

hi havoc,

correct me if i'm wrong, but i think the replace logic in gtk_stock_add()
will cause memory corruption if gtk_stock_add() is used to override a stock
item, previously added with gtk_stock_add_static(), due to:

static void
real_add (const GtkStockItem *items,
          guint               n_items,
          gboolean            copy)
  while (i < n_items)
      gpointer old_key, old_value;
      const GtkStockItem *item = &items[i];
      if (copy)
        item = gtk_stock_item_copy (item);

      if (g_hash_table_lookup_extended (stock_hash, item->stock_id,
                                        &old_key, &old_value))
          g_hash_table_remove (stock_hash, old_key);
          gtk_stock_item_free (old_value);

      g_hash_table_insert (stock_hash,
                           (gchar*)item->stock_id, (GtkStockItem*)item);


i.e. you copy the item conditionally upon insertion, but you
free the overridden entry unconditionally, though that might
come from static storage.


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