Re: gtk_icon_set_render_icon() style argument

On 13 Aug 2002, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Tim Janik <timj gtk org> writes: 
> > now, may the style argument to gtk_icon_set_render_icon() validly be NULL,
> > or do the docs need to be fixed?
> > 
> Can't be NULL apparently (several places in the source would clearly
> break if it were).

currently yes, but that could have been the place to change (e.g. to
directly hand out one of the IconSource pixbufs ifstyle is NULL).

but well, then we need the docs to be fixed and something like:

GList* gtk_icon_set_list_icon_sources (GtkIconSet *icon_set);

since there's no (sane) way currently to get back at the pixbuf(s)
stuffed into a GtkIconSet (e.g. with gtk_icon_set_new_from_pixbuf()).
gtk_icon_set_render_icon() with a style (and widget and detail) of NULL
could have been that, though pretty unintuitive and awkward, so
i guess adding gtk_icon_set_list_icon_sources() should be done regardless
of gtk_icon_set_render_icon() dealing with a NULL style.

> Havoc


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