Quoth Owen Taylor on Sun, Oct 20, 2002 at 04:25:16PM -0400:
> David Bustos <david bustos name> writes:
> > Why do glib and gtk+ include such an odd version of  It
> > ...
> The libtool distributed with GLib and GTK+ includes a patch 
> necessary for correct installation in a different directory
> than  the configured directory.
> However, the patch does require a "strict" setup ... if you
> configure with --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc, then 
> installing into:
>  libdir = /foo/usr/lib
>  sysconfdir = /foo/etc
> Will work.
>  libdir = /foo/lib
>  sysconfdir = /foo/etc
> Won't. This is probably the limitation you are complaining
> about.

Ah.  So your patch causes libtool to support only moving the tree in its
entirity.  That explains why it's failing in my case; my site supports
multiple processors, so we must split the tree into processor-specific
and -independent parts.  processor-specific files go into
/repository/$PROC/$PKG and platform-independent files go into
/repository/share/$PKG, where PROC is the processor and PKG is the
package name (glib-2.0.6 in this case).  Symlinks are then installed to
reconstitute the tree in /repository.  Since this is apparently
uncommon, I don't expect you to support this, but...

> If you use stock libtool you will either get failure on installation,
> or worse, a mislinked install.

to work around this I've been running libtoolize --force before
configuring and installing, which succeed.  How do I know if the install
is being mislinked?


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