David Bustos <david bustos name> writes:

> Why do glib and gtk+ include such an odd version of  It
> (VERSION=1.4.2, TIMESTAMP=1.922.2.54 2001/09/11 03:33:37) refuses to
> install libraries in directories other than what they were configured
> for, while neither the libtool 1.4.2 from the libtool website
> (VERSION=1.4.2, TIMESTAMP=1.922.2.53 2001/09/11 03:18:52) nor the
> libtool 1.4.2 in Debian (VERSION=1.4.2a,
> TIMESTAMP=1.922.2.100 2002/06/26 07:25:14) do this?

The libtool distributed with GLib and GTK+ includes a patch 
necessary for correct installation in a different directory
than  the configured directory. If you use stock libtool
you will either get failure on installation, or worse,
a mislinked install.

However, the patch does require a "strict" setup ... if you
configure with --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc, then 
installing into:

 libdir = /foo/usr/lib
 sysconfdir = /foo/etc

Will work.

 libdir = /foo/lib
 sysconfdir = /foo/etc

Won't. This is probably the limitation you are complaining


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