Autocompletion for GtkEntry

    I have been working on a posible set of classes to add
autocompletion to GtkEntry. See the following thread in gnome-hackers
for some context:

    The currently implemented classes are based on the autocompletion
existing in galeon. It already works and the design is easy to use (I
think) and extensible.

    Several completion sources can be supported. There is already one
example that uses gnome-vfs and other two used internally in galeon.

    I plan to commit my current work to libegg soon to allow more people
to look at it. The current snapshot is here: and (patch for makefiles)

    It currently implements (among several auxiliar classes and
interfaces described in the little README) an EggEntry that inherits
from GtkEntry. To be truly useful, I think that this functionality
should be moved to GtkEntry itself. EggEntry behaves just like a
standard GtkEntry when there are no completion sources.

    I am looking for comments to improve the prototype api and to fix
any usability or accessibility that may be.


Ricardo Fernández Pascual
ric users sourceforge net
Murcia. España.

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