Re: can_change_screen property for GtkWindow

Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> writes:

> The attached patch adds the GtkWindow API:
>  void     gtk_window_set_can_change_screen         (GtkWindow *window,
> 						   gboolean   can_change_screen);
>  void     gtk_window_unset_can_change_screen       (GtkWindow *window);
>  gboolean gtk_window_get_can_change_screen         (GtkWindow *window);
>  void     gtk_window_set_default_can_change_screen (gboolean   can_change_screen);
>  gboolean gtk_window_get_default_can_change_screen (GtkWindow *window);
> And properties "can_change_screen" and "can_change_screen_set".
> Regards,
>                                         Owen
> Thought: 
>   Though I did the API on GtkWindow, perhaps it should
>   be on GtkWidget instead. The primary reason for this is
>   GtkMenu, which isn't a toplevel window, but which needs
>   to propagate ability-to-change screen to the toplevels
>   it creates. 


I've decided to punt this issue to 2.4 and just use an internal
setting inside gtkdnd.c to handle the stock/pixbuf icon types.

The result then is that for 2.2.x:

 - Except for drag icons created from pixbufs/stock images,
   drag icons will be confined to a single screen and the default
   drag icon used on other screens.

 - We won't be able to implement app-external window migration
   without an additional API addition. (I doubt we would
   add the implementation in the 2.2.x series anyways, so 
   it doesn't really matter.)

I don't think these limitations are serious enough to be worth
blocking on this issue at the moment.

I've filed the problem as:


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